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How to Reconnect your Tango after a one year layoff

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    April 21, 2021 11:33 AM PDT

    How to Reconnect your Tango

    Imagine going to a milonga, taking your partner’s hand as you enter the floor, then the embrace, then the ecstatic moment for which we have all been waiting. The feeling of deep connection and unification, as if you have become a single moving graceful animal with four legs - the tango moment.

    STEP #1 Become a trusted dancer

    Complete your immunization program by finishing your COVID-19 vaccinations and waiting two weeks. Continue standard safety measures.


    STEP #2 Level up your tango skills

    Done at the same time as Step #1, PRACTICE. And, take some online private or group lessons. Online teaching has become fun and effective. Locate a safe practice partner. Tango dancers don{t require a huge amount of space to practice. We have found that we are all a bit rusty, but our tango chops return quickly even after a year’s layoff.


    STEP #3 Show the date of your trusted status

    Sign up now to make your tango profile. Let your community know when you will have completed Step #1 to become trusted. Sign up for events after the date of your trusted status.